Indian Brave - Gasket Set

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Indian Brave - Gasket Set

Post by Geenius » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:04 pm

Hello all, my Step Dad and I are currently restoring a 1993 Indian Brave. we have striped the body of and have removed both the engine and gearbox. Before we start to take the engine apart we are trying to find a complete set of gaskets and seal for both the engine and gear box. I was wondering whether anybody knows a company or a supplier of these. Many thanks, Aidan.

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Re: Indian Brave - Gasket Set

Post by stephen » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:36 pm

"ahmedindia" :cool: is the bloke you need to talk to.

He is based in India, and can supply virtually anything for a Mahindra.
He can be contacted via this forum, either by personal email, or posting a message in the wanted section.

Prices are good, all parts are original issue new stock, service is excellent and Ahmed has always been a pleasure to deal with.

The other option - the diesel engine is a license built Peugeot, so parts sourced from Peugeot should fit.
Gearbox is a KMT90 [KIA MOTORS 4 speed version of a T90 3 speed gearbox] bearings are probably "off the shelf" at a decent bearing supplier.
Transfer-case - I purchased my rebuild kit from "hermthoverdriveguy" in the USA, before I found out about Ahmed.

In all honesty.........get the whole lot from Ahmed, it will be much easier on both you and your wallet.

Do yourself a favour - the boss of this forum has the complete factory workshop manuals for a very reasonable price, This will give every minute detail you could ever need for rebuilding and maintaining your Mindie.

As a bonus, the money raised from the sale of the workshop manuals goes towards the running costs of this forum too.
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