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There is no longer a genuine parts supplier in the UK.

This is where we will keep a list of alternative parts, Remember, these items are alternatives and some suggestions have been sent to us in good faith, so do some research beforehand.  The Mahindra Register will not be held responsible for any errors. Some of these parts may be as difficult to get as the original spares, but at least you will have somewhere to start. If you know of parts that will fit, e-mail them to me and I will list them. Likewise if you find a part does not fit that is in the list below, let us know so we can remove it. 

A simple rule to follow is to take the old part to a supplier for them to match.  It is very difficult to find a supplier that has a list of parts for our vehicles. Try to get past the "ooh! we won't have any parts for that" attitude, because they will be able to get them if they engage their brains.

Another mental approach to adopt is, 

This won't solve all your problems, but it will point you in the right direction and usually produces the answer in the end.

Some parts can be rebuilt by specialists at less cost than a new one. Prime examples of this on our vehicles are the starter motor and the alternator.  The place to look is electrical rewinds in Yellow pages or similar.




Manufacturer and Part Number or alternative

Oil Filter 

Check each one for correct size thread i.e. M18 or M20

Crossland                     2148        

Powertrain                    PWRPMFL190   

Fram                              2005020113066

Mann                            W815 

Alco                               SP-918

Bosch                            0451103084/0451103089

Cooper                          0986452028

Champion                     Z567

Sump drain plug washer

Peugeot                        16430

Oil Pressure sender unit

Peugeot                        113110

Fuel Filter 

(UK Spec)

Crossland                    522                                

Powertrain                    PWRPMFF903 

CAV                              296 

Mann                            P971/P917/P78 

Bosch                           1457434/201 

Halfords                        HFF203

Champion                     L137

Fleetguard                   FF167

Fuel Filter (Aussie Spec) 

Crossland                      457   (you need two)

Fuel filter primer pump

Peugeot                         190413

Top Hose

Bedford                         91105369

Adjust To fit (very dificult to find, may be easier to get Pirtek to make you one. See bottom of page)

Bottom hose

Peugeot                         134338 Adjust to fit


Thermostat 72        Peugeot 133726
Thermostat 75      
Peugeot 133766
Thermostat 78      
First Line;- FTS 182.80, 
Thermostat 82      
LR - G 8054, QH - QTH326

Fan Belts

Any manufacturer        600x10   



Glow plugs 

NGK                               Y902R

Bosch                            596158 or 0250200056-710(711) 

Beru                               0100221133636 

Champion                      CH63 and  CH68

Glow plug relay

Hella                                4RV 008 188 111  (7 sec) 


36 amps Peugeot 504 2.1 ltr diesel or Sierra 2.3 ltr diesel

40 amps Peugeot J9 1982 on. CA 331 2002295177175

Rocker cover gasket

Peugeot                            024925
Sump gasket First Line                          SS 040 ( Refs to: HC346 ) 

Peugeot                            031323

Clutch Slave Cylinder Austin Montego Brake Master cylinder inner seals are same size and work!
Try the whole piston from either a Toyota Corina '89 or Toyota Landcruiser, apparently the gaiter fits as well.
XDP 490 Cylinder Head Gasket 2112cc

First Line - Part No:         HF 028


Available through Car and Commercial Factors Ltd (CCF Ltd) 01869 322955 ask for Ross

Starter motor Peugeot                            001362045

Bosch                                011030(shorter)




Other Parts


Manufacturer and Part Number or alternative

Universal Joints

Hardy Spicer             HS166   Thanks Dave
Brake cylinder seals Front                                   'inch and an eighth' 

Rear                                     'seven eighths'

Ignition Switch and steering lock IVECO Turbo Daily van.  The complete lock and barrel are identical. 
Wheel bearings-front

 inner bearing

 outer cone

Oil seal size

SFK numbers                         Fag Numbers

SKF-AK-LM501349                KLM-501349

SKF-AK-LM501310                KLM-501310

                            300 x 212 x 50

CJ Classic Headlights Incl sidelight                        Hella 305 111 603

w/out sidelights                   Hella 304 113 124

Headlight sealed beam Landrover                             G1 50010  (70/50W)

Landrover                             G1 50975  (60/45W)

Headlamp mounting kit Landrover                             G150743
Soft top and doors

Master covers (see bottom of page) Approx 300 for a canopy and 110 per door skin. All made to measure.

Bestop supply a complete roof and door kit for CJ3B's (Suitable for Brave and Stockman models only)

Rear shocks Monroe                                 R1041
Front shocks Monroe                                 3904
Wheel nuts and lock nuts Jeep                                        same as CJ2, CJ3, CJ 5, CJ6 and CJ7
Ball joint dust covers Jeep                                       5-200988
Flashers / Sidelights in grill Use Landrover etc and HGV trailer side marker lights for standalone side lights
Tank filler cap Ford                                       05008538

                                               Transit 125, 130, 150, 175

Side repeaters Mercedes Benz                       00542319
Windscreen 128 x 360 with radiused corners. Any windscreen fitting Co should help! Approx 140 fitted.
Steering Wheel Boss The steering wheel spline size is the same as a Ford Fiesta MK 1
Wheel PCD (pin centre diameter) 5  1/2 inches

The same as a Jeep CJ, a Suzuki SJ and a Diahatsu Fourtrak.


Suppliers that may be able help

Mastercovers            02392 374739

Suppliers of made to measure canopies and they also re-skin doors.

A1 Windscreens          0800 248888

Suppliers of windscreens. Around 140 fitted (in 2003)

Pirtek Hoses                 (Nationwide)

They can and will make almost any hose for your Jeep. Very quick (more often than not while you wait) and friendly service. Find them in the phone book. They even have mobile fitters.

Adrian Flux Insurance   08700 760001 

Specialist 4x4 insurance brokers. They offer a 15% discount to Register Members. Don't worry about modifications, they won't rip you off. Alan's Jeep cost less than standard even with all his modifications.

Jeeparts                    01743 762266

Primarily a WWII jeep parts supplier. Many parts fit or can be made to fit. Please do not expect to be supplied with spares for a Mahindra. They have NO Mahindra listings so will not know which part you require. Do your homework first. Call Amanda or Graham, you will find them very helpful.